Saturday, April 9, 2011

the Italian way:: tomato day

Following the Instructions from the TV show italian food safari, the boys and I set to making our Tomato sauce.
Hugo really did it all, from start to finish. Arch participated in most steps but wandered off in between.
1 :: wash and dry tomatoes
2:: cut top of tomato and then cut into quarters length ways (all 10kg !!)
3:: squeeze and squash tomatoes by hand to break it all up.
4:: place on stove and heat through till just under a boil, adding rock salt and freshly picked basil
5:: pass through tomato press. to remove juice from skins. we did this 4-5 times.
6:: bottle into jars
7:: place in pot, cover with water boil for 1 hour
i really just supervised and added extra muscle power to the hand squashing.
Hugo was really proud and then spent some time on Sunday morning designing his own label !!!

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