Saturday, April 9, 2011

Tomato Day

On Thursday night I was watching Italian Food safari on SBS. the episode was on Tomatoes.
for a few years i have always thought about making my own Pasatta(fresh tomato sauce) but never got round to it, i have even saved all the Jars.
anyway this morning with no plans Hugo and Arch were watching a DVD, Real Food with Stephanie Alexander that mum had given them. On it Stephanie Alexander was making homemade Pasta. as i sat and watched i thought we should make some over the weekend and then i thought about the tomatoes and I decided that maybe we could do it and give the sauce making a go. so with no plans for the day i went and checked with John, and he loved the idea and  seemed to think that Preston market would be good for the tomatoes, and near there he recalled an Italian shop that sold all things Italian and food.
the moment i stepped into Costante Imports i was in heaven... anything you could imagine and wish for, pasta makers, biscuit makers, pizza ovens, sauce making equipment, wine making equipment it just went on and on and real 5th generation Italians in the family business that has been operating for all those 5 generations. john finally pulled me out of there with a tomato press and we were off to Preston Market. busy was an understatement but the culture, food, people and produce was great. a box of tomatoes and fresh vegetables, fruit, deli goods, meat and fish we left ready to start our Tomato day.

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