Tuesday, May 5, 2009

first excursion

today Hugo's class went to the Queen Victoria market ( for those of you not in Melbourne, the Vic market is a huge market in the city that has everything possibly imaginable :: clothes:: coffee :: food and saying that everything you could ever need.)
our kids had to prepare a shopping list of two items and buy them at the market. we all had $10 to sped. first stop when we arrived was the cake section, where the children bought morning tea. next we wandered around all the food areas of the market. it is really well set out as there is a red meat/ chicken area then fish, then deli/ small goods/cheeses and then into the fruit and veg area.
Hugo's had Parmesan cheese and bread on his list. it was a great experience they selected what they want, gave the shop keeper the money and then waited for the change. ( this was something pretty major for Hugo that will never ask for anything when we are out and about; but in this environment he did it quietly mind you but he did it ) and i was proud.
we saw many sights and smelt many sounds, listened to the loud booming butchers voices, and listened to the language of the fruit and veg men. i think the highlight may have been the beef tounge and sheep's heads in one of the butchers shops !!!
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