Sunday, May 31, 2009


today we went to St Andrews and spent the day in the most glorious autumnal Sunshine.
a friend we have made from kinder last year, her parents home was destroyed on black Saturday. 3 families went up to lend a hand on Sunday.
weeding, planting fruit trees, building shelves, digging, removing rumble, and providing support.
the day was beautiful, the children had a ball.
i stopped at one stage and looked around me, a big sigh escaped from me and i had tears in my eyes. happy tears, tears of joy that all these people i was surrounded by, good honest people that give, everyone was doing their own thing, hard at work to make a difference to these people. the children were laughing and having the most fun i have ever seen. there were no fights or squabbles all day, there was too much fun to be had sliding down hills, playing in the mud, fossicking for treasure, collecting broken bricks.
it was a sense of community, a sense of giving.
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Lovely! Thanks for sharing xox