Wednesday, May 27, 2009

reality check

on Monday i got a call from John to tell me that he had admitted himself to hospital with chest pains and a numb face.
I raced to his side, to hear that they weren't sure, possibly a stroke. we need to run some tests.
after nearly a day of waiting, tests and conversations, finally a specialist arrived to diagnose Bells Palsy.
he spent 2 nights in hospital, under observation and tests.

i wasn't sure whether to take the boys in, but on Tuesday night we went in and had a picnic dinner of McDonald's (a rare and special treat seeing as it was opposite the hospital !!) the boys lay and watch the TV in johns bed and then found that they could move the bed up and down :: oh the joy - for them, not for the man next to john. we made a hasty retreat home .
this was a wake up call for us, to slow down and appreciate the good things :: our kids, each other and all we have.
it made me stop and think, life is too short for petty squabbles and the mentality "i will do it tomorrow, or i wish this wold hurry up and finish, or soon..." we need to live in the moment, take each day as it comes, enjoy every moment we can. children teach us this, and i know i need to stop and take each day as it comes and enjoy all that i have.
a good thing to come out of it is he has a clean bill of health and he has stopped smoking. Posted by Picasa

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littleredsquirrel said...

Glad he is doing better and still of the smokes. Big committment from him. It is sad tht we sometimes need something to shock us to make us see how good we have it. Hope you are doing OK and getting over the shock and stress of it all. Love Nic