Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mothers Day

last night we came down to mum and dads at the beach.
after lots of cuddles and stories at bed time from Grandma and Popeye the boys quickly hopped into bed and were eagerly awaiting mummy's day.
as i crept down the hallway to check they were quiet i overheard this
Archie: " Hugo, my bike Hugo?"
Hugo : "its outside arch, you can ride it tomorrow. you have to be quiet"
Archie: "Hugo Hugo"
Hugo; "arch go to sleep tomorrow is mummy's day"
Archie: "Hugo, my bike Hugo"
Hugo: " night night Arch"

i crept away not wanting them to hear me.

i awoke this morning to Hugo's very eager present giving.
he had a mothers day stall at school and had taken money and chosen a present all by himself for me. he was SO excited. " do you like it mummy. did i make the right choice ?" of course you did Hugo. i love it.
john took the boys out to buy flowers and then we went and had breakfast by the beach. we then spent the rest of the morning at the beach writing in the sand, chasing sea gulls and playing in the water.
we then went back up to the house and had lunch.
we spent the afternoon playing Lego, reading books, building sandcastles. as we packed the car and headed home the boys slept.
as we tumbled inside at home we lit the fire and had a quick dinner.
thank you boys for making my day so wonderful and special.
you are all i will ever need on mothers day and every day your smiles, laughter and sense of fun is more than enough.
i certainly have the greatest gifts ever Hugo and Archie.
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