Friday, February 3, 2012

First Day

my baby went to Prep today.
i hadn't spent a lot of time thinking about it before the actual day as i just couldn't.
Arch was excited yet nervous this morning. once we arrived at school the nerves kicked in, but he quickly and happily settled into an activity. His teacher, Anthea warmly welcomed him and made him feel right at home.
as i left the school grounds i started to cry, and couldn't stop !! that's it. all my kids are at school and its time for the next chapter in our lives; although i am not sure i am ready for it. i want to hang on to those baby days and enjoy the time where little ones are dependent on me, and my mothering. i guess that's what i need to decide very soon, whether or not that part of my life has closed for good or that there might be hope for another???
arch thoroughly enjoyed himself and he is looking forward to Monday.
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Victoria said...

Well done you. I may have agonised last year but am SOOOOO glad to have an extra year with Leila at home. Definitely NOT ready for school yet - that's me, not her!