Wednesday, February 22, 2012

a random quilt

last year Jo showed us a beautiful quilt that her mum had made for her. i was inspired by the design and the colour mix. when we bought the van the first thing i did was think to make a quilt for our bed, that could also be a picnic blanket, throw, and just to cuddle up in when its cold.
i went to the fabric shop and this material caught my eye. so with this as my starting point i found a variety of fabrics with similar colours.
i like the randomness of the squares but i struggle to be free and random and agonise over where each piece should go, do they match next to the other squares near it....... which totally defeats the purpose of a random quilt !!! so i gave the job to 3 willing volunteers. they had fun. Hugo i think has my tendencies and quickly moved pieces around that were the same or really clashed. but i love that it is a family affair.
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