Wednesday, February 8, 2012

a home on wheels

on the weekend John and I drove into a little town called Jamieson for real coffee while we were away camping. John had spent time there in his younger years, fishing with his dad and family friends. we stopped at a beautiful little cafe, and drove through some really quaint little streets, the river and caravan park.
as we drove back to our friends place i made comment that in time i would love a caravan to explore towns like that, place we never normally go, but have lots to offer for the weekend.
my thought was early on in the week we would sit down as a family and circle a town to visit the coming weekend. then come Friday night, hitch up the van, drive to the town and spend the weekend exploring. a great way top all spend time together and also a great way to see victoria.
well John being John has bought us a caravan and we are off to collect it over the weekend.
friends of ours, their parents are selling their old 1988 van. its old, buts it goes, its clean and its hardly been used.
so look out victoria we are coming to explore !!!!!
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