Thursday, February 2, 2012

Grade 3

oh my goodness where does the time go. it only seems like yesterday i was getting Hugo ready for 3 year old kinder, and now today... Grade 3.
i wish you a great year Hugo, full of many happy experiences, a wealth of knowledge and and happy and fun year.
as a mum i am a little hesitant this year, i have many mixed emotions running through my mind... many what ifs, many mother guilt moments.
i believe Grade 3 is a big growth year, lots more expectations, homework, academically i believe that is a big jump and i can only hope that my Hugo will keep up, and enjoy the year.
he goes into a 3/4 composite, which in itself is a big jump but then he is one of the youngest in his year and last year he made a great friend, like minded friend with a little boy the same age as him yet a year below him at school.
i only hope that his teacher is caring enough to help guide and nurture him through this part of his learning journey.

if the excitement and comment that i got when i picked him up tonight after his first day is anything to go by.... i think he will be ok.
"mum that was the best day ever. Grade 3 is awesome "!!!!!

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