Thursday, December 10, 2009

christmas cards

each year i try to make our Christmas cards.
i fear that all too soon this magical time will disappear and my children will not want to draw for me, so i embrace it anyway i can to record this amazing magical time, to remember the wonder and special ideas and thoughts my boys have about Christmas.
this afternoon we sat down and printed our Christmas cards.
this process is a really quick and easy way for children to print. i normally use a glossy white bathroom tile (today i couldn't find them so i used a piece of plastic from an old cheap ikea frame as well as the plastic box that my scissors go in !!).
then we rolled paint over the surface, using a cotton bud they draw their picture and then place paper (or material) over the top, press lightly and viola a print.
Hugo ran with this, i think it was the instant gratification of the process that he loved ::draw ::roll ::print ::draw :: roll ::print, and on and on till he had produced 10+ pictures. Archie watched and then joined it. it was a fun easy way to print our cards.

advent: Day 10:: make Christmas cards
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Lisa said...

What a great idea, thanks for sharing.