Tuesday, December 15, 2009

class picnic

as the school year draws to a close, i decided to organise a class picnic.
it was a lovely Melbourne evening. everyone bought their own picnic/BBQ dinner to our local park. we meet from 5pm. once the children had got over the "out of context weirdness with each other" they played and played for hours :: soccer, totem tennis, football, and an unprompted re enactment of the carols last week.
it was nice to sit and talk to other parents and Hugo's teacher. as the evening was drawing to a close for us preppy mums and dads the local scouts came down for their end of year BBQ, with a tug -o-war rope with them, the connectedness of this community we live in was evident when a Prep A v scouts tug-o-war broke out. a nice way to end the night
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