Saturday, December 5, 2009

local delights

This morning our local market was on. it was bigger than normal, and there was lots and lots of people out and about. its nice to part of a community, when you walk around there are many familiar faces to stop and say hello to, even friends mums !!
we stocked up on fresh rhubarb (for rhubarb and apple crumble), tomato plants, yummy egg and bacon rolls, organic coffee, beautiful meringues and a new stall i stumbled across run by a lovely couple that make all wooden cars, trucks, blocks and beautiful fairy doors. the lady was telling me her grandchildren have one in their garden which they build fairy rings around, put their teeth that have fallen out there for the tooth fairy to collect, write notes to the fairies and elves.... after that i just had to buy one.
i also bought some wooden blocks for Christmas, based on these but for a third of the price.
we are now on hunt for the perfect tree to attach our fairy door to ( its not an easy task because apparently not every tree has fairies and elves and only Hugo and Archie know where they are ....)

advent: Day 5 :: create a christmas decoration

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lilredsquirrel said...

I so wanted to get to the Market today but had to get back for a party and was finishing off the story to go with the 'metro' fairy door we had made! Love this one - Nic