Thursday, December 24, 2009

the elves

:: 7pm boys asleep
:: 715pm Santa's elves arrived to help build a trampoline.
::all was on track till we needed to make the cut a little wider : one burst water main pipe
:: a call to one of the elves nephews who is a plumber, he drove over and fixed it.
::resume building trampoline
::930 all done

as i look at these photos i get a tear in my eye. great friends helping us make our boys day special tomorrow. it was no stress for them all to come over and help us, true lifelong friendship is a wonderful gift, and as for Karl and 23 year old nephew of one of the boys that we have watched grow up, dropped everything to come over and fix our water pipe. now that's the spirit of Christmas. Giving.
thank you boys, you are truly special people in our lives.
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