Thursday, December 3, 2009

playgroup break up

today was the last day for playgroup this year. the children arrived and were each given a gold star sticker to hang on the night sky. we were then enchanted with telling of the Christmas story, interspersed with Christmas songs.

it was a magical way to end the year, as as i stole a quick look around the room ever child was transfixed to the story being told. they picked up on the special, magical moment.

we then went out into the garden to share morning tea.
i loved the simplicity of the morning, the beautiful reenactment of the Christmas story, a story that needs to be told to remind of us of the true meaning of Christmas and to pass on to our children the mystery, wonder, love and reverence of this. ( i am not really religious but i do enjoy sharing traditions i have grown up with and the story of the first Christmas)Posted by Picasa

advent: Day 3: make christmas shortbread together.

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