Saturday, April 17, 2010


with this amazing autumnal weather we had today the boys and i spent the day in the garden.
we try so often to plant veggies and and make them grow but our nocturnal furry friends seem to have other ideas. this summer we managed to have 3-4 ripe tomatoes and an almost ripe apple cucumber before the possums ate it all.
i have these wonderful ideas and dreams that we will grow veggies, the boys will be able to go outside and pick herbs and seasonal vegetables for dinner. so today we went to the nursery(again) and bought some seedlings as well as stakes and bird netting.
after Hugo had planted our seedlings i actually took the time to sit with the warm sun on my back and fully net the garden properly this time, with an easy opening so we can access the plants.
now with fingers crossed i hope we will have a plentiful crop this winter.
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