Monday, April 19, 2010


thirty six today.... i have never struggled with age, or worried about being older, i guess i have always been pretty comfy in the age and stage that i am at in my life, however this year 36 seems to be old, on the down hill slide to 40.... i know we cant stop time and i don't want to as i am loving my journey but i would like to be in a holding pattern now for a few years, to slow everything down and spend more time being this age and in this stage of my life; but i know we cant so i guess i just have to embrace every moment and enjoy every day good or bad. sure some days are hard and some are even harder and there are times where you wonder if the decisions you have made are the right ones, but then when you stop and reflect its all OK.
35 was a hard year and i am looking forward to new beginnings and goals, new ways of thinking, new experiences and adventures over the coming year.
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Mel said...

Happy Birthday! I know EXACTLY what you mean about 36. Feels like the wrong side of the decade doesn't it? But here's to a great year for both of us! x

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Naomi. Enjoy the ride and I can tell you girl it gets better and better the older and wiser you get.

Jo's Mum Gill

Gina said...

Hey, a very happy birthday to you. I hope you really grow into 36 and feel more and more comfortable where you're at... And I hope this year is just brilliant and blows to pieces the memory of the last. x Gina

Selina said...

I thought like you too, but as someone who's a year off 40 I realize now its just a number, it means very little. I had my first baby at 36 and my second 6 months ago so I now see my whole life ahead of me again growing and changing with my babies.

Happy late Birthday!