Saturday, April 10, 2010

pom poms

pom poms have filled our days these school holidays.
one day last week when we went to the gym i collected the boys from the creche and they proudly showed me the pom poms they ha made. so a quick trip to Big W for some yarn and we haven't looked back...
this evening as we were sitting making yet another pom pom Hugo said to me " we could put these in a shop to show people mum and we could tell them how to make them and give them all the things they need" "a kit" i said "a kit to make pom poms" "yes" said Hugo. "we would need to tell them how"

here are Hugo's instructions on how to make pom poms
you need 2 circles with a hole in the middle. you then get wool and wrap it around and around till you cant fit any more through the hole.
then you cut it with scissors and tie it in the middle. pull out the circles and its all done.
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Jo said...

Ha! I have been thinking about making pom-poms, but you will seriously have to teach me, I can't figure out how you know how much wool to use, and if you can fit the right amount through the middle of the circle. I know, I'm a spaz!