Monday, April 19, 2010

36 things to do over the year

inspired from these posts

36 things to do over the year before this time next year.

1. love my self
2. laugh more
3. have "dates" with my husband
4. play with my boys
5. play board games and card games
6. go for family bike rides
7. continue exercising
8. do a 10km fun run
9. complete a half marathon
10. do yoga regularly
11. learn to meditate
12. finish my circle in a square crochet blanket
13. knit at least 5 new items
14. make Archie's quilt
15. turn Hugo's patchwork doona cover into a quilt
16. do another quilting course
17. make a garment for me
18. sew more
19. take my camera off automatic
20. do a digital photography course
21. learn sashiko
22. write thank you notes
23. write letters to friends
24. spend time with good friends
25. pick more flowers
26. grow vegetables and herbs to use in our cooking
27. bake and cook more with the boys
28. read more books
29. set up my own recipe box
30. make our own pasta
31. build our own pizza oven in the back yard
32. have a massage
33. camp more
34. live in the moment
35. save money
36. cherish and be true to myself and my family

1 comment:

Julia said...

Lots of worthwhile things to achieve there. I wish you well xx