Saturday, July 31, 2010


the boys and i had a quiet weekend. i needed to go to Reverse Art to get some supplies for school. with the boys in tow we ended up with ALOT of supplies. they had a bag and i could hear them planning in the isles, Hugo telling Arch "dont get too much of that we might run out of space, we don't know what else there is"Posted by Picasathey filled their bag and their eyes were shinning with ideas as we go in the car. as i drove home i went past an electrical store and saw some discarded boxes... i pulled over, put them in the car. by now Hugo had reached fever pitch and was busy planning and couldn't get home quick enough.
the afternoon was spent making a cubby for two, i stayed and helped and the few hours of fun we had was great. its so easy to say "I'll be back in a moment I'll just put the washing on, or I'll just do the dishes"... but i resisted that temptation and stayed in the moment and it was fun.
after a wonderful afternoon of imaginative play the boys then continued on with their fun in the bath. bath time was hours ( not quite but it seemed that way) of lotions and potions with tubes, funnels, plastic bottles, pumps and giggles.

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Jo said...

my goodness, that cubby is HUGE... I am so impressed with what they made ~ I bet they are loving playing in it ...

{are you going to let them paint it?}