Sunday, July 18, 2010

a new experience

this morning i was up early to compete in the Run Melbourne.
this was my first organised run. it was great i loved it. it was a beautiful crisp (cold) Melbourne winters morning. we arrived in the city just after 8 and my race started at 9am.
john and the boys came with me to support me which was great.
the atmosphere and crowd was amazing.
i had thought i wanted to run the 10km in an hour, as i started i was running alongside the 1 hour pace markers and after about 2 km i realised that i wasn't running to my full potential and found my own feet and took off. the course was great and i finished in 57.45 minutes. i was wrapped.
next year.... half marathon.......Posted by Picasa


Leah said...

Congratulations! I did the 5km run in the Run Melbourne and found it fantastic! My goal for this year was to run a 5km race and this year I have completed the Mothers Day Classic 5km and now the Run Melbourne. My next aim is to get to 10km by October and to compete in the Melbourne Marathon... we'll see!

Congratulations again!

Leah said...
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Gina said...

Well done! I had had high hopes of running yesterday but it's been a few months of barely getting out at all :(. Next year!

two little buttons said...

thanks leah, i cant seem to find your blog to reply on that. well done to you too

Michelle said...

wow! Congratulations, you're amazing! I think i remember how to run... :-) You look *fantastic* btw xx