Thursday, July 1, 2010

made with love

i was feeling slightly better last night and decided to make the boys these On- the- Go Art Satchels from here. i had read about them here, and had book marked it for a rainy day. the idea of a sketch book and pencils all together appealed to me, especially when we were travelling in the car, so each child had their own set of pencils and book all togteher and in theory there would be no arguments or lost bits and pieces.
so yesterday afternoon i asked the boys to pick 2 pieces of fabric from my statch. they diodnt know what i was going to make.
when they work up this morning they were wrapped. neither of them have taken them off all day.
the satchels are a winner. hugo is not normally the type of kid to engage shop keepers or initiate discussions but all day he kept showing and telling everyone we spoke to about his art satchel... "my mummy made this for us, look it has pencils and a book and there is a button on it so they dont fall out. she made them for us" it made me feel good. he was really appreciative of something i hade made him.
i hope they will pass the test on the road trip up to the snow as well as during the week at the snow if they need some down time.
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Gina said...

For some reason this only just came up in my google reader (but marked July 1)! Oh well, glad I've seen it - I have hesitated to make such things for my boys. Granted, they are a bit younger, but it's possible they'll still love them, and love that I made them something.