Tuesday, July 6, 2010


this afternoon after ski school the 4 of us hit the slopes.
Hugo has progressed to level 4 today in his lesson groups and is skiing amazingly strongly and well.
Archie is the talk of the ski school, they all know him and call him by name. yesterday he was at level 1; teddy bears, today he skipped level 2 and is almost finished level 3, in jumping joeys in his section. he is unbelievable. he was skiing with the 4-5 year olds today and was the leader of the pack, working on his turns !!!
it is an amazing progression from Saturday when he was skiing between our legs to today where he skied most of the mountain this afternoon with us and at the end of the day he and Hugo were skiing on their own on the summit trainer lift, which is a poma lift,. doing lap after lap till the lift stopped !!!!
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