Sunday, July 4, 2010

he's only 3

the first couple of days of our holiday have been great, beautiful weather, fresh snow.
and lots of skiing.
yesterday we spent the day all skiing together.
the boys found the rail park at the big D area and wanted to go over the box ( purpose built box to ski along and do turns, jumps etc)
Hugo had perfected it last year, so he was straight over and landing the dismount but this year it was Arch's turn.( mind you yesterday he wouldn't snow plow for me to stop but he mastered the box first go !!!!!). skiing up to it, along it and then off the other end.
this morning the boys were in lessons. i really noticed the difference this afternoon, arch started up higher, got some speed, went along the box and landed it at the other end and then continued skiing down big d run, snow plowing all the way.!!!
god help us by the end of the week, i dread to think what they will be doing.....
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lilredsquirrel said...

Just imagine what he'll be doing when he is six! I bet John already has the hothousing plans ticking away...................

Leni and Rose said...

Very talented little man! I'll be teaching my little 3 y/o how to ski this season, I can't wait!