Wednesday, September 17, 2008

art :: day 17

this morning i went to a Kikki.K shop and i bought myself a weekly planner. I love lists. I always have a number of lists on the go. when i was at work , friends used to joke at my lists and call me the list queen. (when i got married i had a whole folder of lists ) anyway i saw this planner and thought it looked like a good idea. each day has a timeline as well as a weekly to do list and another 'to buy' list ( i like this one!!) i also found this great white pen, i thought it might be good to do some drawings with on black paper.
when we got home Hugo was very excited to draw on black paper. he kept talking about it and went through all the colours of paper we had and whether it would show up or not. his experimentation of the pen led him to create a kite.
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