Sunday, September 21, 2008

art :: day 21

this afternoon we planted some seeds that we had got when we went to Heronswood Garden at Dromana a few months ago. When we were there we joined the Diggers club. when we joined we received some free seeds as well as a discount on the seeds and books and plants we bought. over the last few months i have been saving egg cartons so we can plant the seeds. today was such a lovely day and we have spent the last 2 weekends gardening, but the hard yuck stuff like weeding and turning the soil over so today it was time to do some fun stuff. Hugo Archie and i planted the seeds and watered them. now we just need them to grow.
today we planted a few different varieties of tomato seeds, some lettuce, capsicum, chili, coriander and parsnip. fingers crossed they will sprout. when they do we will transplant them into the veggie garden.

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