Thursday, September 25, 2008

art :: day 25

i now have a slight obsession with Liberty fabric!!
Hugos has 4 or 5 girls that are his closest friends, so i now have an excuse to make skirts. i remembered years ago going into a patchwork shop and seeing a patchwork skirt for a little girl. i must have stored this info away and the other night i suddenly remembered about it and thought that i would make a couple of them for some of the girls.
i found a pattern here and here and here. i bought the patterns and they look good, but i thought first of i would make nikkis pattern first. i have a whole heap of quilting scraps, some really lovely amy butler fabric and many others. so i thought i would give this one a go first and try it out before i cut into my Liberty fabric. i have always admired it and mum made me a skirt years ago, but to now have my own collection ( even if it is small) i am excited.
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