Sunday, September 28, 2008

art :: day 28

on the way up to Buller there is the most amazing little Gnome house. as you drive up the hill you see the sign and then round the next bend there is a little Gnome house in a tree, with a little red door, window, chimney and letterbox. on the way home we stopped and had a look, the whole trip till we got there was full of excitement and wonder with many questions.
where do they live?
are they home?
what do they look like?
what do they do?
are they scary?
will we see them?
how many are there?
why is the house in the tree?
and on and on.
when we got out Hugo was very tentative, but by the time we left and decided that they weren't home and they had gone on a picnic because the weather was so nice, he was happy and decided that he would write a letter to the Buller Gnomes.

we had a great weekend.
John had a small ski sat am but it was really soft.
we spent the weekend with great friends and we had lots of fun.
and i was so very happy as my team won the Grand Final. GO HAWKS !!!
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