Friday, September 19, 2008

art :: Day 19

it was me being creative today.
i felt grounded and centred today when i woke up; a great friend had rang me last night and we stayed on the phone for nearly 5 hours, after talking about everything, nothing and so much in between i woke up feeling good today, ready to take on whatever the day gave. so off we went to Darn Cheap fabrics and i bought some really cute trim as well as this material to make some skirts. Most of Hugo's mothers group friends are girls and their birthdays are between November and Jan , as well as Christmas , so there is lots of present buying at this time of year so i thought this year that i would make some presents. this skirt was sooo easy and even with hugos help it took me very little time. it was a free pattern titled lazy day skirt from Oliver +s

Hugo tried it on for me so i could get the hem right !! and now he wants me to make him and Archie one for their dress ups!!! he also asked for some pants, so I'm on the hunt for and easy pants pattern, although i think i might make some shorts for them.

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