Wednesday, September 24, 2008

art :: day 24

phew. am i glad today is over. what a busy one. first stop this morning was Grandma and Popeyes. they are off to America tomorrow for a month so we went and had lunch together to wish them well and have a safe trip.
Hugo sat and did the above drawing. its a house with two chimneys, 3 doors and a pool, a apple tree, flowers, 2 paths and lots and lots of detail and thought that went into it.
then we came home and i had promised Hugo i would make him his own skirt from the great pattern from Oliver + S. both skirts i have made i hadn't put the ribbon around the hem, only because i didn't have any. When we cleaned out John's mums house i kept all her old linen , and this skirt is an old pillowcase. as i was making it i thought that the material may have made good shorts for Hugo, maybe next time !! i must be in the right groove at the minute afte making 2 skirts i was reading the ever inspiring soule mama blog, and yes Amanda has been making the same skirts!!
we then had to go to the supermarket and the local shopping centre had kids activities for the holidays, so Hugo got busy creating some football flags. ( for those of you not in Melbourne our football - AFL grand final is this weekend. GO HAWKS!!) he had to cut the paper and then weave coloured paper in. he picked up the skill really quickly.
well done Hugo.
i am exhausted. ready for bed and its only 5 pm
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littleredsquirrel said...

Hey Nay- you've been busy. Your skirts look great. Speak soon Nic