Thursday, February 5, 2009

early days

today was a longer day for Hugo he finishes at 2.30.
as we were leaving school yesterday Hugo said to me " mummy i helped a little boy today. he couldn't reach his locker so i helped him put his bag up for him. he is smaller than me. Miss R knows him too. they went to childcare together."
Me: " that's great Hugo do you remember his name?"
Hugo "No"
so this morning as we were leaving for school i read through the class list and read out the boys names i got to 'Oscar' yes mummy that's him. Oscar. Oscar is my friend.
when we arrived in the classroom and lunch boxes were put where they go, reading folders put in the tub ( there is no mucking round and we are straight into it, and what pleased me so much is that Hugo new what to do, how to do it and when to do it) Hugo spotted Oscar. there he is mummy. so we went up and i introduced myself to the mum and as i was doing that Hugo sat down beside Oscar and they greeted each other with smiles. i was so prod and and happy, because ultimately that's all i want Hugo to have enough confidence to make Friends, explore the environment and develop his learning . i walked away feeling good.

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