Saturday, February 7, 2009


on Saturday it was hot hot hot. the hottest day on record. 47 degrees ( 115 Fahrenheit) we were suppose to go away to a friends property for the night in gippsland. as we turned onto the road near their house this is what greeted us. we stayed for and hour and then returned back to our house to spend the afternoon in the pool listening to the radio
the media are calling it Black Saturday.
with the temps so hot and a ferocious North wind the fire was out of control. so many fires started and very quickly wiped out towns and communities. countless lives and houses have been lost and they are saying that its the worst fires ever.
it was quite a surreal day, frightening that mother nature was in control and there was absolutely nothing we could do. my thoughts and prayers go out to all the people that have lost loved ones or friends or their house
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Ann said...


So sorry about your fire. We watch it on our TV in NZ. It is reported in the Southern NZ that there is an orangy glow in the sky from the fire from Melbourne.

I hope the police gets the arsonist.

Your photos are great, the ones of the fire, despite the heat, they look very cool with the blue image.

You keep safe.

I have trouble uploading my pix. did you?

two little buttons said...

thanks for your kind thoughts. pix. were fine
thanks again