Thursday, February 26, 2009

packed and ready to go....

well this is my / our life, packed up in a few boxes and bags :: all ready to be put in the car tomorrow
all the schools in the area have closed tomorrow
so now it feels real
real and surreal at the same time
as i walked around the house trying to work out what to pack i kept thinking
how do i determine what is important
what can i replace
what can't i replace

:: will we be under threat tomorrow?
its scary to think that there may be a fire, but we can't kid ourselves, everywhere around us has been hit, so why are we spared ???
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Ann said...

We follow your Victorian fire news here very closely.

We are expecting heavy storms. My Sister who lives in Brisbane says she wishes Scientists would find ways to bring the rain from NZ to Oz instead of wasting money on space projects. I some how agree with her.