Tuesday, February 3, 2009

First Day

My little mate starts school today. we were all up and eager to start the day early this morning. Dressed in his uniform and waiting in the car he called out " come on its time to go"
so off we went. one of his closest friends from mothers group, Miss B pulled up at the same time and off the two of them went together in front of us skipping all the way to the prep room. we of course were early so they went to the play ground for a play.
when the bell rang and we walked into the classroom he was met by his closest friends including Miss B that was by his side: Miss C, Miss R and Master A all holding tight to their dolls, so they sat down and started to engage in the drawing and threading that was placed out and that was that a quick wave to us and we were left standing there knowing that it was time to go but not wanting this moment to end and not wanting to leave. but we did and we walked away feeling a little loss.
i went home and sat in silence and then i cried and cried. cried because my little mate was gone, cried because it was the start of such a wonderful learning journey that i wasn't part of anymore, cried for all the lost moments that i tried not to have but as all of us have ( as mums and parents because we do need those 5 minutes to ourselves sometimes) cried because i was lost and didn't know what to do, cried because 5 years has gone so quickly and i never wanted it to end.
it was the longest of days , even though he finished at 12 30 today. after the tears i just had an empty sick anxious feeling. it was an awful day for me emotionally, but the person that it was all about had fun and came home happy and eager to do it all again tomorrow and i couldn't ask for anything more than that.

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