Monday, February 2, 2009


Hugo starts school tomorrow. we haven't focused on it too much, but today i finished off some special starting school presents for some of his close friends. when i was teaching i used to make these dolls for my children. they kept them at school and it was a way they could role play out positive and negative experiences. i was thinking about something to make Hugo for when he started school and remembered about these dolls. i thought it might be a good way for him to be able to express things that are happening at school and ease with the transition. i forgot to take a photo of them all finished ( 6 in all) but i quickly took this photo when i had two left to deliver.

note : its been a week now since i dropped all their dolls off and i see them every day tucked in under the arms of Hugo and his friends as they come to school. Miss B hasn't let hers go and it sleeps with her and goes everything. Hugo holds on tight as he starts his school day. i am glad they have received such a warm welcome into their families

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littleredsquirrel said...

I love these little dolls - what a great idea. They look so good.