Friday, March 19, 2010


what started as our normal Friday after school play at the bakery soon turned into one of my boys "best days ever" the rain came down and all the kids kept playing, and soon they were dancing in the rain, jumping, laughing, smiling having fun that only kids can, fun that makes you wish you could take your shoes off and join them.
all too soon my boys found the biggest deepest puddle they could and they were swimming in it, jumping in it and belly laughing so hard it hurt.
after awhile in turned to mud.... now that's a whole new adventure:: sliding, slipping, rolling till ever single part of them were covered.....
nothing a hot shower cant fix (and a container of napi san )
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lilredsquirrel said...

That looks like the best fun EVER! Well done you for for going with the moment Nic

Anonymous said...

oh that looks like fabulous fun!!