Thursday, March 11, 2010

getting started

at the beginning of November last year i wrote this post, and was embarking on my first crochet adventure. it seems along time ago now. but i did start however time seemed to get away with me at the end of the year with Christmas, birthdays, parties and end of year celebrations so that when i went to sit down and pick it up again, i just couldn't work it out... i am a visual learner and when i just read instructions sometimes it doesn't sink in. i tried various u tube sites but it wouldn't click. last night at knitting the ever talented, creative and super patient Jo sat with me as i re acquainted myself with the hook and the circle in the square pattern.
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Julia said...

Yay, you're off again. Good on you. They look great x

lilredsquirrel said...

Yeah - see nothing is impossible!!!! I had to get in on the mutual admiration thing you and Jo have got going on!!! Seriously - the look great.

Jo said...

excellent!! i knew that you would get it ~ now to keep doing them until the very sight of them makes you feel sick *lol*