Saturday, March 6, 2010


Hugo's teacher got married today.
as we left the rain started, it poured down but it didn't deter the excitement as we arrived at the church and Hugo saw many of his friends.
both the bride and the groom are primary school teachers and they had gone out of their way to include their past and present students.
the minister spoke to the children before the ceremony and during it making all the kids feel part of the day.
the children were filled with awe in the church and when they saw their teacher you could almost hear the gasps. she looked beautiful as every bride does, so happy and radiant.
the children stood on the seats to get a better view, never once taking their eyes off their beloved teacher.
at the end of the ceremony the children formed a guard of honor, they were given bubbles and blew them as the happy couple appeared out of the church.
each child was then given a little cup cake with a message of thanks. such a small gesture, but one that each child truly appreciated.
as i tucked Hugo into bed tonight he said " i like weddings mum. how did she get her hair like that?"
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lilredsquirrel said...

I like weddings too. Cant imagine what her photos ended up like with torential rain coming down! Sounds like a lovely day. Reminds me of going to Miss Pizzys wedding!!! Nic