Wednesday, August 13, 2008

away for the day

today i worked. it is the first time since Archie was born. in my previous life i was a kindergarten/ Pre prep teacher. today i had a day of emergency work. its great; you can go in teach for the day and walk out as well as getting lots of inspiration and ideas from other teachers and centres. when Hugo was at a similar age i went back to work and did a few days here and there of emergency work. its good to keep your hand in and see whats going on. although today i really missed my boys. on one hand i was excited about a day back in the real world but but i really missed the boys. my boys are looked after by mum and dad so the one on one grandparent time is fantastic and there is a special bond because of this.
i guess its mothers guilt. i have not been that great a mum recently with a short fuse, always running around doing household chores or stuff for kinder and never finding the time to just sit and be in the moment and play, and because of this they have been acting up, then i get cross and its such a vicious circle, so leaving them today i felt sad and wanted to hug and hold them all day. they had a great time with grandma and Popeye though. when i got home that had been busy with Lego and duplo all day.
here is Hugo's Lego car.
and this is the boys having dinner.
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