Monday, August 11, 2008

for Hugo

when i was pregnant with Archie we moved Hugo into a big bed. it was October 06, not only was the shift into a big bed but a new room, downstairs. which was a big move, but we did it gradually over a couple of weeks and he hasn't looked back. when i was decorating his room i found it sooo much more enjoyable than decorating the nursery before he was born:: i new him, his personality and what he liked and that made it all the more enjoyable. i had found a cushion and that was the inspiration for my colour theme :: blue, red and brown. that's where the problems started there was NOTHING for boys in there tones that i liked. and there was NO licenced merchandise going in this room. so i set about making him a patchwork doona. i went and found a selection of materials and sat down cut out squares, pieced them together and sewed. i was so proud of my efforts. and Hugo loved it.

i then got Hugo to do a drawing ( he was 2 years 8 months) and then i traced it onto a cushion and hand stitched over his drawing.
next Hugo created some art to hang above his bed in the chosen room colours.

i love this room, it is fresh, warm and made with love for my little boy that is growing up so quickly. i wish i could stop time and hold on tight to him, but i know there is so much more to do together that i am excited. i only have another few months till he is of in the big wide school yard. excited, and happy for him but oh so sad to loose him and not be able to spend my days with him.
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littleredsquirrel said...

Nay, this looks so good. I especially love the cushion - what a brilliant idea. You should also have a look at as she has some great ideas too.