Saturday, August 30, 2008


4pm on Saturday afternoon the boys head outside. they found an old tub that we had in the shed and mae a boat. they were sailing to Noosa. a of a sudden there is a cry.
2 hours later, 4 stitches later Archie comes home from the local hospital.
Brotherly love !!
when we were at the hospital the doctor decided to stitch his eye, rather than glue it as it was so close to the eye and they didn't want the glue in it. after applying a pad with anesthetic ointment on his cut for 15 minutes ( although i think it only lasted 10 mins as arch ripped it off !!) he lay on the bed, with hugo by his side i had to hold the laughing gas mask over his mouth while they gave him a needle to numb the area even more.
then they stitched the cut shut.
on the way out of the hospital Hugo held onto my had " mummy i don't want to be a doctor when i grow up" Posted by Picasa

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