Friday, August 29, 2008

how does your garden grow

we have resident possums at our house ( they are more like horses by the size of them) and they EAT EVERYTHING.
our rocket is growing after i cut a milk container in 1/2. i have been saving the bottom half of milk containers for tea light candle lanterns. we are having a big fundraiser at kinder in a few months at night time and these will line the front part of the garden. but i was left with the tops of all the milk containers. with our resident Mr and Mrs possum and their extended family !! i thought this might help. at this stage while the plants are so little it is helping but i will have to think of something else soon as the seedlings are getting too big.

today was such a beautiful day we sent most of the day out in the garden weeding, playing and enjoying the sunshine
our rhubarb is growing

snow peas are startng to grow
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