Friday, August 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Popeye

on Tuesday it was my dads birthday. last night we had mum and dad over to celebrate.
the boys love their grandparents and they only seem to come over for dinner on special occasions. every time they do come over i always think that i should make it happen more often. every fortnight would be great. grandma and Popeye night. i just need to be more firm in making it happen. when Hugo woke up this morning he said. " i had fun last night mummy. i love it when grandma and Popeye come over."
Me: "why's that ?"
Hugo: " because they play with us, we get to sit at the big table and eat dinner all together and because its fun. can they come over again?" and after Hugo's comments this morning when he woke up i will make sure i do it .

it was just fun. grandparents and kids spending time together, laughing and playing.

when it all got to much grandma picked up some stories and started to read. instantly 2 little buttons came and sat by her.

once in bed the 4 of us sat round and talked for a little while longer.

happy birthday dad. may you have many more.

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