Friday, August 29, 2008


this afternoon after we had come inside from gardening we went for a drive to a shop called Sylph ( shop 10 Mc Adam Square , North Croydon ) .
after many Weeks of looking and longing at this tree house, by Hugo ( and Me) we went shopping for it today.
not often do i buy random presents, especially something like this that would be a great Christmas and birthday present, but seeing as Hugo's birthday is 2 weeks after Christmas i always like to give him something special during the year. ( due to my naivety i was unaware of celebrating the winter solstice, but next year i think this would be a perfect time for this type of gift, as well as including a celebration ) anyway i digress. so we set out and bought this beautiful tree house, next step was setting it up. we started it and the job was finished by daddy after everyone was tucked up in bed.
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