Wednesday, August 27, 2008


today is one of my great friends birthday. Hugo, Archie and I went and had lunch with her and her boys. its amazing what can be achieved when it needs to be. a quick card that i made. i love the floral paper and the colours.
we had a lovely relaxed afternoon.
today i was going to show you what was on my desk, but .... nothing except a great big pile of bills. next week i promise i will have something creative.
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Jo said...

your card looks really beautiful... i really need to learn to do this, i resent buying birthday cards so much *ew*

... and thank you for your comments the other day. I remember when I made my first peice from a jap-sew-book it took me so long, but it turned out perfectly. My tips are :: get some non-iron on interfacing and trace out the pattern :: check the sizing from that against the person that you're making the piece for :: take each step one-at-a-time. they are realy clear, but you can't rush them :: and if you have any questions, feel free to scan the instruction page and email me, I may be able to decifer it for you : good luck, and have fun!! (and don't forget to share) Jo x

two little buttons said...

thanks jo
its nice to know you're not alone out there. i will try. i even got my machine out today so thats one step foward. thanks