Sunday, July 13, 2008

...the day after

july 067
as soon as Hugo was dressed he ran outside to see if our plants had grown. "not yet mummy. its OK the possums haven't eaten them yet."
its amazing how much information they absorb. a little time after this Hugo said to me " you know mum, i know the broccoli hadn't grown cos there was nothing in the middle"
me: " what do you mean"?
Hugo: "the broccoli brows up the middle of the leaves mum. i saw it on the label"

me: "oh" ( i was bewildered that my son has absorbed all that info just by looking at the label of the seedlings that we had planted)

this morning Hugo, Archie and I went to Heronswood gardens. a place that i had been meaning to go for the last year but never seem to get there. J was in the dog house for staying out all night and rather than tip toe around him i decided to do something fun with my boys.
Hugo, like always was amazing touching, smelling, looking, exploring, investigating the plants and gardens, using all his senses to totally absorb and take in what was around him. when we got to the veggie garden he was interested in the names of the plants and what they are used for.
july 088
on our return to the historic house, i became a member of diggers and we bought some seeds and 2 garlic plants.
i also purchased an amazing book titled 'the Australian fruit and vegetable garden'
july 148
when we finally returned home, we were greeted by some friends that had dropped in, nothing like the present, Hugo was busting to plant the garlic plants and the rocket that we hadn't done yesterday so friends and all we were in the veggie garden.
isn't it amazing, the simple things in life are often the best and by the smiles on all our faces a day in the garden is one of those.

july 154july 159

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