Tuesday, July 15, 2008


yesterday at kinder i heard one of the teachers and mums talking about a great shop just near where we live called Winterwood. it is a shop selling, yarn, felt and Steiner inspired toys.
i walked in today and i was in heaven. i wanted to touch everything, make everything, read everything, buy everything and play with everything. button2, Archie destroyed my moment by having a tantrum but not before i grabbed a card and promised to be back when i had 5 minutes peace (hmmmm.... will that ever happen) hopefully sooner rather than later.
thank goodness for the Internet. i am about to look at their Web site and dream of creating and playing................


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Kristine said...

You're lucky to live near Winterwood. I've been meaning to visit that store for months. It's about a 40 minute drive for me so would have to be a whole morning's outing. I love the idea of pure wool felt. I can't handle that awful acrylic stuff from Spotlight.