Thursday, July 17, 2008

magnetic buttons

these were my first attempts at fabric covered magnetic buttons. i like this idea to use for magnets, rather than someone elses advertising material.
i have hit a snag though as i need flat backed buttons and the only ones i have found so far have a loop in the back to sew the buttons on. i have seen some flat backed buttons but they seem to be in the states. I'm not sure whether we can get them over here?? it seems a simple idea that wouldn't take much time to do, so out souring at this stage seems to take away the whole point of it as i would like to start hands on and the steps involved to create the magnets aren't labour intensive at all.
i will have to spend more nights here in front of the computer searching !!
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littleredsquirrel said...

Buttons look great! If you find some metal backed ones like on the back of wedding dresses you could get the tools out and rip the shank off....