Sunday, July 27, 2008

winter days

today it was cold and wet outside. one of Johns best friends has just returned back to Melbourne, after living in Queensland for a year, they hung out together this morning while the boys and i were busy downstairs trying to transform a room into an inviting playroom. its hard because this space is away from the kitchen and the daily ins and outs of the household. both boys rooms are off this one large space. it is an ideal play area and with some added touches the boys are spending more and more time down there, although by the end of most days majority of what they are playing with is on the kitchen floor ( which i love !!) any way Archie has a book shelf in his room so i have moved that out to the large space and made a book corner which was instantly appealing to both of them and may books were looked at today. tomorrow we will go on a walk and find some natural items to place on the top of the book shelf.
JULY 744

JULY 745

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