Tuesday, July 29, 2008


this afternoon the weather was so beautiful that a friend and i decided to take our kids to the park after kinder. while we were there they discovered a tee pee that had been built and left by others. Hugo and Ruby quickly claimed it as their own and added sticks and branches to create their home. my friends eldest boy has broken his leg but we wheeled him over and he also joined in the fun. after lots of playing Hugo came back to the picnic table and sat and joined Harry with the play dough ( that's about all you can play with in a park with a broken leg !!) Hugo sat down, collected sticks from the ground and made a model of the tee pee they had found.
days like this are priceless and writing this now reminds me that we should do it more often and not get caught up in the menial chores of running a household. all too quickly these days will be over and i am feeling that as Hugo will be off to school next year. so i need to embrace every moment i can, run with them and enjoy it.
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